02. March 2022

PORT HSFO 380 cst VLSFO < 0.5% MGO
Skaw / Gothenburg S/E S/E S/E
St. Petersburg S/E S/E S/E
Rotterdam S/E S/E S/E
Las Palmas S/E S/E S/E
Gibraltar S/E S/E S/E
Piraeus (ex) S/E S/E S/E
Durban HSFO 180 cst (ex) S/E S/E S/E
Suez S/E S/E S/E
Fujairah S/E S/E S/E
Hong Kong S/E S/E S/E
Shanghai (ex) S/E S/E S/E
Singapore S/E S/E S/E
Houston S/E S/E S/E
Panama (ex) S/E S/E S/E
Rio de Janeiro N/A S/E S/E


Gasoil (Nymex) - Mar '22 1039,35 + 8.65%
Brent Crude Oil (ICE) - May '22 109.59 + 4.40%
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex) - Apr '22 107.69 + 4.14%

All prices are in USD.
Key: Down / Up / No change. N/A – Not Available - S/E Subject to Enquiry

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02. March 2022

Oil prices on 8-year's high

Crude oil prices jump to highest levels since 2014. WTI…

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